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Feeling very full and a little bit sleepy tonight after a very late lunch at Mt Tamborine. I don't think I'll want dinner tonight, having had grilled schnapper with king prawns in a garlic, cream and wine sauce, followed by black forest cake and ice cream. After all that, and with the fire in the fireplace burning merrily, I was starting to feel quite dozy but the cool air outside soon woke me up when I left the restaurant at 5.30. Luckily it did, for the road down the mountain is narrow and winding, potholed and patched, with a number of hairpin bends, and at that time of the evening kangaroos are a real worry, so it was all systems on full alert. Still, there was an other-worldly feel about it - the full moon was just rising up through the trees, giving the road surface a silver sheen and throwing the trees into stark relief against the lighter sky.
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