miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

There's "thinking ahead", and then there's this....

Talking yesterday with a customer I've known for a number of years. In all the time I've known her she's been single, but yesterday she was all a-flutter about the new man in her life. She happily extolled his many virtues, and openly told me where the relationship was up to (too much information, but hey, she's happy!).
I'm really happy for her, but I was utterly blindsided by one part of her conversation. She said she needs to look at her financial situation, because she's wanting to retire in six years (she's 59) but he's younger than her, and as he earns nearly double her income, she won't be entitled to a pension when she retires.
"So what," you may be thinking, "too many people fail to plan; the fact that she's planning is a good thing, right?"



They've been seeing each other for exactly four weeks today.

I dunno, maybe I'm just too cynical in my old age you kids, get off my lawn!
Tags: what is she on about, work
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