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Gotta love the weekend

Wee smalls of Sunday morning now; finding it hard to wind down and go to bed although I'll have to soon, else I'll sleep all my Sunday away. Just - it was one of those days today that you don't want to end.

Not that I did anything spectacular. Spent a good couple of hours just reading the paper, did a spot of mucking about in the garden, did the regular cat-swap (fluffy seal girls downstairs, Bodie upstairs) and the groceries. Just an ordinary Saturday, in other words.

Had a friend over for dinner (beef stroganoff; it's years since I've cooked that) with ice cream for dessert. Afterwards, while sipping G&Ts, we planned a weekend escape next month to O'Reillys Rainforest Retreat, in the Lamington National Park. newsy891 mentioned it recently so I looked it up, and it looks lovely, so off we're going to go. I'm really looking forward to this, it will be a good chance to just unwind for a couple of days.

I suppose I really should go to bed soon. Bodie is currently curled up at my feet but he keeps shooting me reproachful looks, as though he blames me for keeping him up way past his bedtime.
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