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Breeding like rabbits

It's been a long time since I've written anything; since the dust bunnies overwhelmed the plot bunnies and laid waste to my brain. So long, in fact, that when one lone limping survivor struggled into view on Sunday I didn't immediately recognise him. But once I did - well, that was Sunday put paid to.

It's only a short story, around 2500 or so words, but I'll finish it. First and second drafts complete, now just working through a couple of bits I don't like (actually I like them well enough but they don't fit so out they go).

Then, while driving to work yesterday I was blindsided by another idea. As soon as I got to work I sketched out the rough chapter outline, just so I wouldn't forget. I won't start on it until my shorter piece is finished (in fact shorter piece could work well as an epilogue for the larger) but just having that outline in place is making me smile.

And by putting it out here, I'm trying to ensure that I do actually finish at least one of them.... *g*
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