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That's that, then.

My spare room looks like a bomb hit it at present. Over the last few weeks I've gradually been emptying out my office at work and bringing my stuff home in preparation for my move into the city. It's still another two weeks off, but I've been asked to fill in at another branch for the next fortnight so today was my last day at the branch that's been my home for over six years now. And it's sad, in a way, that I'm leaving a place where I've had a lot of happy times, but I know this is the right thing to do right now, for the sake of my sanity.
I will be back at my current location on the 30th of the month, just to make sure all my settlements etc go off okay, and then it's over.

I'm buoyed by the number of customers who've asked if they can still do business with me when I'm in the city; it's nice to know that they appreciate the job I've done for them in the past. And I know that there's a lot more opportunity for me, too, once I make the move. I've really struggled over the last two years; the area where I currently work has been hard-hit by the decline in property values (I've had to decline over $6M in lending since the beginning of the year, wholly because of valuations) as it's a low-value, first home buyer demographic. This year I'll only just make 100% of my target if no settlements fall over between now and the 30th; last year I finished on 96% (although I had 12 weeks out of the business in total with holidays and long service leave) but my previous years' efforts have all exceeded 150%. It's been hard to go from the top of the ladder, to around the middle. As I said to my boss, I just need to get over myself! *g*
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