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Tell me again why I mistrust telephone/isp companies

At the beginning of last month I changed my internet and telephone provider, moving to a company offering me a much better deal. I had to get a new telephone number as they were unable to port my previous number but the salesman assured me I wouldn't be charged a new number fee, as they had initiated contact with me and it wasn't my fault the number couldn't be ported. He also offered me $10pm off the contract price as I was reluctant to pay a cancellation fee that I was liable for from my previous provider.

I made him write all of this down and alter the contract accordingly. But hands up who was surprised when my first bill arrived today, sans discount and including a $50 new number fee? I rang to get it rectified and I've been promised that it will be credited back, but like the old adage says, seeing is believing.

Once before, with my previous provider, it took six months to reinstate a bundling discount that mysteriously dropped off, and after all that time (with phone calls made every month when the next bill arrived - and I was assured every time that it was a simple fix and they couldn't understand why it hadn't been amended)it wasn't fixed until I actually wrote them a letter setting out dates, times and names of people I had spoken to, and offered to share my information with everyone with whom I came into contact at work. I hope I don't have to go that far again.
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