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Girls' night out.

Once a month a group of us get together and go out for dinner. All of us have worked together at some time, although not necessarily all in the same place at the same time, but the friendship has survived the changes of branch etc. Tonight we had a scrumptious meal at the local Thai restaurant which left me full to bursting.
Afterwards we descended on the nearby adult shop, where we pointed and giggled like a bunch of schoolgirls. Must admit there were some things there whose usage I could only guess at; no-one else had more of a clue though so I didn't feel quite so naive!
Finally, home, after standing and chatting in the carpark for half an hour; no-one really wanted the evening to end.
These are the relationships I treasure; my female support network, my best mates. These are the people I can count on when life is serving up crap, the ones who'll jolly me out of a foul mood, who help with the stress when I'm freaking over something.(Can't count on them to bail me out of gaol, though; they'll be sitting in the cell alongside me saying "well that was fun!")
Squishy hugs to all my girlfriends who mean so much to me.
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