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Drive in the country

Headed out of town today to Rathdowney, 70km south of my place, to meet up with friends who were camping there. It was a lovely spring day, not too warm to be unpleasant, and even when the wind came up late afternoon and brought the clouds in it didn't get too cool.

The camping ground was only just off the Mount Lindesay Highway, 1km south of Rathdowney proper. As you can see, my friends come quite prepared (yes, that IS a solar panel array to the side of the pic!)

The camping ground:

Views around the place:

Rathdowney - such as it is, and on maximum zoom -

And then we found the koala! He was fairly high up, and disinclined to pose for the camera.

Back home now, arms and face mildly tingling from sunburn, and regretting not having thrown a sleeping bag and mattress in my car... I could quite happily have stayed the night.
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