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Need sleep... and aspirin...

... and alcohol, but it's a work night so I won't. So very tired tonight, and my legs and feet are aching. Today was my first lenders' meeting in my new area, and I didn't have to show up until 10.30 as the first segment involved a video conference that I'd already been a part of in my old area. I still made it into town at my usual time, though, and spent my free time looking for a booklight for my Kindle. Walked all over the place, wearing boots that are slightly higher than my normal ones, which changed my gait slightly and put more strain than usual on my thighs. I know I'm going to feel it even more in the morning.

I need the booklight so that I can read in the bus on the way home, as I'm currently engrossed in a fic that sucked me in from the start. It's a Star Trek fic, not my usual fare at all, but it's supposed to be a fandom classic; Courts of Honour by Syn Ferguson. It rapidly hooked me and I'm finding it hard to put down. Trying to eke it out, though.

Also made it to the post office, so sunray45 you can start checking your mail box from tomorrow onwards.

Didn't bother about anything elaborate for dinner tonight, just a cup of mushroom soup and some crackers as I feel like I was eating all day. At lunchtime I went to the local Coffee Club with a mate, and his partner who works in town also joined us for lunch. Much better than the lunch put on at the meeting; anaemic-looking cheese and tomato pizza. The afternoon tea was all right, though; big blueberry muffins went down a treat. Just as well I did all that walking, really.
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