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Looking for a new pair of boots, and found two pairs I liked on ebay. Bid on both, fully expecting to miss out on at least one of them - and won them both! They are lovely, though it's making me wish I had four legs and could wear them all together.

Supposed to be going to O'Reilly's this weekend, but my friend's daughter is ill in hospital so that's been postponed in favour of hospital visits. Ah well, it's supposed to bucket down with rain this weekend anyway.

And what is it about Lush that makes me spend money on myself even when I don't intend to? Went there today with the intention of buying a birthday gift for a mate; walked out with the birthday gift plus a pot of Goth Hold (made from the tears of Robert Smith - yay for Mighty Boosh reference!) and a special soap for myself. I swear their soaps smell good enough to eat.

Have a good one, everyone! Kick back, enjoy. Life's too short to stress.
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