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I know it's gotta go SOMEWHERE, but....

Reading the local paper online, I found an article about a proposed connection road that may be built between the local motorway and points south. I was busily contemplating the benefits, and working out the proposed area where homes may be resumed, when suddenly I went cold - I live smack dab in the middle of that area.
Mad bin dive ensued as I tried to find the print version of the newspaper, which I never even opened before consigning to the rubbish. It was there, and it contained a map of the proposed affected area. Two blocks to the east of me *heaving huge sigh of relief*. I'd hate to be in that position, having my home resumed by the government and being forced to move.
Mind you, moving had crossed my mind lately, what with the travel time to work etc now I'm in the city. But I don't want to be forced into it. At the moment my mortgage is under control and should be paid off well before I retire, but if I had to move, I could end up with a larger loan than I have at present. I really don't want to work forever just to pay it off.
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