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If that was the weekend, it's over.

Not much accomplished, but still a good couple of days off. The good news is that my cd player, which was skipping and refusing to recognise discs, is now working properly again, after the purchase of a $5 cleaning disc. Much cheaper than a new cd player.

The sad news is the death of MotoGP competitor Marco Simoncelli in Malaysia today, resulting in the cancellation of the Malaysian GP. Coming so soon after the death of Dan Wheldon, the shockwaves will be felt for some time yet.

The V8 circus moved to Surfers Paradise this weekend; Lowndes' weekend was about as ordinary as it could get but Murph seems pretty happy with his results, being a 7th and a 4th. And he's rapt that the All Blacks won the rugby World Cup this evening - I guess something had to go right for him!

And last night was a birthday dinner for a friend at a local steakhouse. We took my car as it has hardly gone anywhere since I changed branches and started catching the bus; prior to last night's excursion I'd racked up exactly 60kms in three weeks. Fuel prices are no concern of mine at the moment!
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