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Their Eyes Locked and They Threw Away The Key

Yes, this line was actually in a story I just read. I thought my stuff was pretty crappy but this one wins, hands-down. The story starts innocently enough; a young lady ( I think her name is Mary Sue) is walking along a beach boardwalk at 3am, wearing a red party dress and stilettos, because she needs some time to herself away from her loved ones.
{Red dress/stilettos/beach/3am. Works for me.}
Meets up with the hero of the story. Now, it's written in a particular fandom but that really doesn't matter, as the portrayal of this character bears no resemblance to the real one, except for certain physical aspects. He speaks with an angelic voice -never having heard an angel speak I really can't comment - and within the space of an hour or so they are going at it like rabbits, in the open air, as dawn breaks around them.
The author takes time to point out that neither of them is promiscuous. Right, they just boff the first hot bod that comes along. Doesn't make them promiscuous. An easy lay, maybe, but not promiscuous.
By the time I finished this story I was wiping my eyes, and they weren't tears of sadness or joy, I can tell you. MIRTH is the word that comes to mind here.

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