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Proswatch - "Fugitive"

I'm cheating - I've not rewatched the episode, but thought I'd share some notes on it taken from "Shut It!" A Fan's Guide to 70s Cops on the Box by Martin Day and Keith Topping.

Firstly, I just want to say that I love this episode; it features right up there on my list of personal favourites.

Shut It! summarises each episode, then highlights certain themes. Bracketed comments also come from the book; notes beginning with OP are mine. A taste of Fugitive:

Threads: Doyle's silky maroon shirt (with holster over the top, of course!). We also get a lingering shot of his cowboy boots. {OP note - they don't mention the obvious blooper at the end, surprisingly}

Slash Fiction Moment: Doyle leaping on top of Bodie to rip off the explosives.

Laughable Dialogue: Cowley - " Interrogation of Christina resumed at nineteen a.m."(Sincewhen has there been a nineteen am?)
Bodie (on the man he has just shot) "Dead?" Doyle: "Considerably."
Young Woman: "Bobby's free." (Bodie and Doyle look over at the camp-looking hairdresser) Doyle: "Hell, I'm sure he is."

Notes This finally gets going when Bodie is captured, and then bottles its conclusion in a mist of smoke and gunfire. Still, intermittently diverting stuff, and a nice freeze-frame ending.....
There is a mention of the (real life) Italian terrorist group, the Red Brigade. The library books Cowley gives his lads are Medieval England and Chaucer the Poet (for Bodie, who's got a 12p fine to pay on them!) and End of Term and Emma in Love for Doyle (closet romantic!). Inside the library, Doyle reads a book by Gaston Diehl, and we see posters for the Sadlers Wells Royal Ballet company, and a book called William Blake and his Followers. There are references to Sleeping Beauty, and another nod towards the Angolan civil war.
Locations seen include Wembley Park Tube station.
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