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V8s are Great!

Yep, it's Bathurst this weekend! I can't believe I've been watching this since my very first excursion to The Mount in 1970. Won't mention how old I was then, but will state that I was there with my parents and older sister, staying in a caravan at the local showground. Reading material for the weekend was The Day Of The Triffids, it was drizzly on the Saturday, and we spent the Saturday evening searching through the caravan park for GTR Toranas. And for the record, Moffat won the race in his GT Falcon.

On the news last night - a concept car released at the Sydney Motor Show. Holden built a new Torana! I knew there was a reason I've kept my current car for so long, I've been waiting for a new Torana to be released! Sadly it's a one-off which cost $3M. Just slightly out of my capacity to finance.
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