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Because you just know that Bodie is totally checking Van Neikerk out:-

My manip, from two of sunray45

"Shut It!" has a lot to say about this episode. My favourite bits -

Notes: It's the little things that impress, like Martin Shaw's Afrikaans accent, and the early sequence on the plane and at the airport. The dummies in the Jag that crashes (the director even gives us a slow-motion sequence, just so that we can be absolutely sure) are horribly obvious; one of the heads falls off!

Doyle Cooks a Bit of Pasta: (honestly I'm not making these headings up!) He is close to completing a large jigsaw puzzle in the hotel room. Bodie offers Doyle a cheese and onion sandwich. "On white?" asks Doyle. Sensibly, he refuses it when told that it is "Well, sort of off-grey!"

Slash Fiction Moment: When Bodie arrives to collect Doyle in the Capri, Doyle gets to his feet, rubbing his arse. "Aw, you've banged your head," says Bodie, with mock concern. "I'll bang yours in a minute," is the predictable response. Bodie then reaches out of the car to pat Doyle's hip.

Non-PC Moment: Bodie adopts a thick Scouse accent when pretending to be a thief. So, it's easier to convince people that you're dishonest if you come from Merseyside...(although, as Bodie is supposed to come from Liverpool, maybe he knows what he's talking about.) is that ever established in the series as canon, though? My memory deserts me.
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