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Not real sure what's going on... but 80% of my Christmas shopping is done and wrapped, complete with ribbons and bows and labels. I've never been this organised before in my life. I wish it was time to break out the decorations but it's still a few weeks too early.

Bodie cat gave me an early Christmas present on Friday morning, around 3am, when he hopped up onto my bed and dropped a live cockroach in my hand. A bit of yelling and flailing ensued; eventually I managed to flick the roach off the bed before it buried in under the pillows, then Bodie had a great time rounding it up again. I found the dried-up carcass on the floor under the bedspread yesterday morning.

Other pests aren't quite so easily disposed of. Over the seven years I've lived here I've often seen the odd cane toad in my yard - I know they're a noxious, poisonous pest but couldn't bring myself to do anything about them. But recently they've been having a toad party in my gardens and pot plants. I'll be outside watering plants after dark and suddenly a toad will come bounding out of the pot and take off. And I've been finding spots in the gardens where they have made little hollows to lie in; places that are damp and cool, because of regular watering. Now they're damaging some of my more fragile plants so it's come down to this - the toads, or the plants. They can't co-exist. (But I feel awful for even thinkingof killing them, noxious pest or not.
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