miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

Seven months and counting

Had the most excellent weekend with my sister, who flew up from Sydney on Friday night. We sat up talking until after 3am; when the alarm went off at 8 on Saturday morning I just wanted to bury my head back under the pillow as it felt like I'd only just got to bed.
Off to the shops once we were coffeed and breakfasted. We made a day of it, getting back home just on 6pm, in time to shower, change and head out for dinner (which was lovely, btw; Hokkien Mee at a local noodle bar, followed by huge choc-dipped waffle cone ice creams at Baskin & Robbins).
Today was a bit more sedate, but we did manage to book our flights and accommodation for a trip to Darwin next June. Excitement!
I couldn't believe how quickly 5pm came around, though. Time to take her back to the airport for her flight home. The house seems so empty, now, after the fun and laughter of the last few days.
Tags: family, travel, weekend

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