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Break out the blue eyeshadow!

Went to an 80s theme Christmas party last night and had an absolute ball. I think I can safely say that it was the best night of the year; nothing in the next five weeks could eclipse that. The bank put a bus on so that we didn't have to drive, and I stayed overnight at a friend's place - her hubby dropped us off and picked us up again from the bus stop so that we could have a few drinks. Pulled up all right this morning, just very dehydrated and with extremely tired legs, and I seem to have left my fine motor skills back at the Hilton.

I wasn't going to post any of my photos but other attendees have already put them all over facebook so here we go. Mullets abounded. There were five Mario Brothers, one set of Blues Bros, two members of KISS, a Beetlejuice and two Darth Vaders in attendance. I was one of three Sonny Crocketts (and imo the best of the lot as I brought along a stuffed alligator named Elvis) and there were a couple of Joan Jetts and Madonnas.
And there was Donnie. No-one ever would accuse this guy of shyness. He's one of our lenders, and a real card.

The flamingo-hair is the friend whose house I stayed at.

My boss had Sid Vicious down pat.

Towards the end of the night; I'd shed my jacket earlier as it was so hot on the dance floor. That's me in white, with some of my team members.

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