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Electric dreams

I've just received my first power bill since having the solar panels installed, and I have to say that I'm pretty pleased with the result. Not only have I halved my usage over the last three months, but the state electricity supply has also paid me $110 for electricity that I've fed back into the grid, taking my charge for the quarter down to $95.24. To top it off, my regular monthly debit has continued, meaning that I'm actually in credit $238 at present. We're heading into air-conditioner weather so it won't remain that low unfortunately.

It's taking its time warming up, though. We've had a couple of weeks of really hot, humid weather but now we're back to 24 degree days and mid-teen overnight temperatures, which is really weird for this time of year. I'm not sleeping too well as a result; it's too warm for a coverlet but then it cools down to the point where a sheet isn't enough. I'm waking a few times each night to adjust the covers as a result. Added to that, three seal point fluffy girls who want to sleep as close to me as possible, and throw a couple of hot flushes into the mix... I shouldn't wonder that I'm tired.
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