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It's good to be home.

Had a terrific weekend. Yesterday was the Birman club Christmas party, for which I trekked an hour north to our club president's home. Good friends, good food and good conversation; actually, a bit too much of that good food. I really didn't think I'd be able to eat again yesterday, but...

Rather than going home afterwards I headed to my son's place, for dinner and a sleepover. We sat up until after 1am just talking. His lady had to go to bed earlier as she had to work today, but we had nothing to do and all the time in the world. And I did manage to eat some dinner after all.

Then this morning we went shopping, finishing up at Coffee Club for a late lunch. I headed home after that, getting back around 3pm and running from a storm all the way.

Tonight I'm sleepy, and not all that hungry so I settled for crackers with peanut butter.

As a result of my traipsing about, not much was done around here this weekend. I did manage to do a couple of loads of washing this afternoon, and hung the wash downstairs out of the rain. Thanks to the rain I didn't have to water my garden at least.

If you're a Sherlock fan and you haven't already seen this, there's a great advent calendar here, plus an mp3 which can be downloaded; I'm using it as a ringtone at present. Very Christmassy!
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