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Not at all what he was expecting.

I think I've mentioned previously that Bodie-cat can reach the handle of the downstairs screen door, so when he's downstairs I have to chock the door from the outside, or keep the solid door closed. If he does manage to escape, he usually just runs up the stairs and sits piteously at the upstairs back door, peering through the mesh screen and begging to come in.

Except for today. I was downstairs doing my usual litter-tray and feeding routine, and when I'd finished I opened the solid door, then stepped back just to put the broom away. In a flash Bodie had the screen door open and stepped outside - to be greeted by two raucous magpies loudly demanding their morning treat of leftover cat food. Did he bolt! Tail between his legs and eyes wide as saucers he skedaddled straight back into the house, while I laughed myself silly.
Tags: birds, bodie, cats, humour

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