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Why you hate me Livejournal?

These changes need to be rolled back. Last night I couldn't change my icon on comments; today I can't comment on others' journals at all. What's the point of a social media platform that prevents you from socialising?

There have been pages of complaints made, and I know that my two issues are on the list of items that need to be resolved, and that's quite apart from the Subject line on comments issue. Why did LJ see the need to change something that worked perfectly well?
Not happy Jan.

ETA: I've now changed my style BACK to how it was originally, (viewing friends and communities etc in their own style, not mine) and disabled Greasemonkey, and I can once again post comments and choose icons other than my default. No subject line, but I can live without that. Probably.
Tags: lj, oh noes, rant, stupidity, they're kidding right, what were they thinking
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