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In Which The Plot Bunny Biteth

Funny how it works out sometimes. I try to write at least a paragraph of something every day, just to keep my hand in. I find that the discipline often leads to more creativity too. Last week I worked on a short stream of consciousness piece but it didn't really go anywhere and I shelved it. Then yesterday I came up with a "What if?" that I wanted to let out of its cage for a run. Just to see where it would go. I reached a certain point in it where I suddenly realised that a lot of last week's piece would slot in very nicely, so I've cannibalised the previous work. I'll be able to use more of it later on in the new piece.
I have a file called Bits and Pieces that I use to store...well, bits and pieces! Fragments of stories that never went anywhere, conversations that sprung into my mind, just waiting for the characters to need them. All those tiny ficlets that aren't enough to stand alone, but one day may come in handy.

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