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I do love summer but I'm getting awfully tired of carting watering cans around the garden. Every day the skies threaten rain but instead we just get the oppressive humidity. Where is a good storm when you need one?

Lunch today at a nursery at Coombabah on the Goldie. There was a nice breeze, at least, to keep the temperature comfortable. Food was delicious; I chose a crispy skin chicken breast stuffed with scallops, with a side dish of avocado and macadamia nuts in a beetroot jus. A couple of glasses of unwooded chardy to wash it down and my day was complete. It's nearly eight hours since I ate and I'm only just starting to think about dinner now, I filled up so much at lunchtime.

Found a gorgeous gargoyle fountain/statue too, although I didn't buy it today. Bonus gets paid next month so I'll go back then. Once (when!) I finally get my rear deck built I'll also get an outside power point installed, and buy a pump for him.

One thing I did buy was a tent, so that the next time my friends from down south go camping at Rathdowney I can not only join them there but also stay the night. Bought a plastic wine glass too. Luxury! *g* I still have a sleeping bag from many years ago so I should only need a camp stretcher or mattress now. Wow, look at me, going all rustic!

ETA: it just rained! Only a brief shower, mind, but Whee!
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