miwahni (miwahni) wrote,

Summer, Sherlock art, sickness and Saturday

Typical Australian summer day today; brilliant blue sky, so brilliant it's impossible to go outside without hat and sunglasses. And even then you're looking for shade after a few minutes. I've spent half the morning curled up on the couch, though, with a sore stomach that started last night, kept me up until 3am and work me early this morning. It's just starting to come good now but I've put off plans to go out this afternoon and will take it easy instead.

My Sherlock art arrived this week! I posted about the artist Steve Caldwell a couple of weeks go - his work can be seen here if you're curious - and I'm really happy with the picture I received. His John could look more alike, there's something about his features that seems a bit off, but his Sherlock is excellent.

You can see a closeup of the art on the artist's webpage, along with Firefly, Supernatural, Star Trek, Torchwood, Life on Mars, Dr Who and others.
Tags: art, sherlock, sick, weekend

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