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Best foot forward

I went to a friend's tonight for dinner and a movie. We've been friends for ages, the sort of friend that you feel really comfortable with, no special effort needed. Jeans and t-shirt kind of friend. Hell, comfy slippers, if that's what you feel like wearing.
Except that he told me he had invited some other friends over as well, people that I've not previously met. It took me ages to get ready, laughing at myself all the while.

Needless to say, conversation got around to the possibility of a leadership change in Monday's Labor Party ballot. Word from one of the dinner guests (whose partner is quite heavily involved in the Griffith electorate) is that if Rudd loses on Monday with a significant shortfall of support, he's likely to resign from Parliament altogether, forcing a by-election that, if the seat is won by a Liberal candidate, would result in Labor no longer having the numbers to govern. We live in interesting times indeed.

Hugs to sunray45 for the blue dragon, he's so cool!
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