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Over and done.

Last working day of the quarter, thank god. Over target on both dollars and cross sales so I've qualified for bonus but what a hard slog it's been. And then on Monday everything is reset to zero and we start all over again....

Had a call from my area manager this afternoon; he's two above me in the food chain, and he wanted to know how I felt about the changes (redundancies) that have occurred etc. I told him exactly how I was feeling ie very unsettled, as word had got around that in future any required downsizing would be done via performance managing people out. Also mentioned that if further redundancies were on the table I'd accept - but I would never accept being performance managed out if my results dropped because of the market and environment we're in. He gave me a guarantee that my job was safe - but what if the decision comes from above him? I can't take any comfort from his guarantee because the decision may not ultimately be his to make.

After work we had farewell drinks for two of the Bruces who were made redundant. And during the course of this, my direct manager told me she liked the appointment I had booked into my calendar for next Tuesday - Ben Dover. She thought it was funny, seeing as how every other team member had noted in their calendars that there was a union teleconference on that day at that time. I just laughed it off, and commented that the union teleconference earlier this week was noted in my diary as "Tony Stark" but I really didn't expect Iron Man to show up in my office. *g*
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