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Catching up

Weekend's just about over *sigh*.

Yesterday just teemed with rain all day, it was quite miserable. Started the day with a vet appointment; little Ziggy has developed what feels like a swollen gland under his jaw but vet is concerned it could be something sinister, as he had a mass removed from his tongue before he came to live with me. Still, two full days on antibiotics now and I'm sure it's smaller than it was, so I'm pretty certain that it was just an infection.

Was supposed to vote in the local council elections yesterday but it was so wet and cold. Bad enough I had to do my grocery shopping in the afternoon, I could easily have stayed home for the rest of the day. Had coffee with a friend while I was at the mall, which was nice.

Then today I went to see The Avengers. What fun! Don't expect any world-changing ideas, just go along for the ride and you'll love it. There's quite a few laugh-out-loud moments interspersed with some serious butt-kicking, of each other and of the enemy. The special effects in 3D were pretty amazing too.
And because this is highly relevant to the above: The Avengers TimeLine.
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