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Got a phone call the other day from a colleague, letting me know that there was a job advertised on Seek which was right up my alley. The vacancy, for an LMI underwriter with QBE Insurance, involves all the favourite aspects of my current role - financial analysis, credit checking and compliance - with none of my least favourite, being ancillary sales which have taken on a huge importance over the last two years. I sent my application in yesterday, and today, while I was in an all-day meeting with my phone on silent, I received a callback. The message left said that I have excellent credentials for the job but they're concerned I might not find the role stimulating enough, and also the remuneration was not quite what I was looking for, but could I please call and they could talk me through it? Definitely I can, as soon as I get two urgent jobs off my desk in the morning.

And earlier today my old boss contacted me to tell me that the branch five minutes away from my home may be looking for a new lender shortly - would I be interested? Aaargh! Decisions! That one would mean a pay rise, but a rise in targets as well. Then again I would be saving $220 a month in bus fare.... but OTOH I have only just settled into my current branch.

I really have a bit of thinking to do. Very interested to hear what the QBE person has to say; I guess it would have to be my first preference depending on the pay, simply because of the lack of selling involved. If it doesn't pan out, though, I don't know which way I'll go; whether to stay where I'm settled or make another switch. Toss-a-coin time!
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