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24 Months and counting....

My sister bought a house today - three doors up from me! Sadly she won't be moving in straight away, she's planning on staying in Sydney for another two years but I know that will go so quickly. I just wish it was now! *excite*

Yesterday was the Birman show, and while I didn't enter anyone (Ziggy still having a shaved patch on his neck) I still went along to work. I was stewarding on the shorthaired cats which was a lot of fun as there's so much variety in that section. And working with one of the US judges was enjoyable too. Very tired last night, though, after spending all day on my feet. I was falling asleep at the pc by 9.30 and eventually gave up and went to bed, knowing that my sister was flying in early this morning and I had to be up and functioning by then.

Meanwhile it would be remiss of me to let another weekend go by without a cat photo. So here is Ziggy, curled up in his basket on the floor next to my desk. He was asleep until he heard the whirring of the camera.

Ziggy 13/05/12

ETA: and my sister brought with her my six-months-early birthday present - AN AUTOGRAPHED PHOTO OF BENEDICT CUMBERBATCH AND MARTIN FREEMAN. Does my squee know bounds? No sir, it does not.
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