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This is the way of the world, Grasshopper.

When I was a kid my mum insisted that I wear my Bonds Cottontails every day, topped by a singlet. And when I went to boarding school our house mistress would check to make sure that we were wearing both of these garments before letting us go downstairs for breakfast.
Once I was free of Miss Balderton's tyranny I swore I'd never wear singlets again, while the Cottontails shrunk to smaller and smaller proportions.
But now I have an hour-long bus trip in the early morning chill followed by a day spent in a freezing-cold office. All of a sudden the camisoles are coming out, and the undies are getting slightly bigger. Not granny panty size but a bit more than a g string.
Still won't get me into a petticoat though....

What on earth is one supposed to do with cards received? Most times I display them for a week or so around my birthday then tuck away the one from my son and throw the rest, although I might pin one that really takes my fancy to my cork board.
But today I got a thank-you card in the mail, in response to a sympathy card I sent when a friend's father died. It's not the sort of thing one displays but I feel funny about throwing it out straight away.

And can someone please help me stop trying to colour-sort the cat's dinner bowls each night?
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