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The northernmost city

Darwin, the capital of the Northern Territory, is hot. Which is a good thing, escaping the southern winter. It's been 29 - 30 degrees since my arrival on Thursday, with no appreciable drop in evening temperatures (was still 26 at 8pm last night). I'm loving it.

In size terms I've lived in larger regional centres; the CBD can be traversed on foot in around an hour, and the suburbs would fit into the inner suburban belt of Brisbane or Sydney. Darwin has had an interesting history; firstly as the only place in Australia to be bombed during the second world war and secondly due to Cyclone Tracey which devastated the city on 24/25 December 1974. The cyclone left only around 500 homes still standing, and there were debates at the time around the feasibility of rebuilding.

Hotel I'm staying at is virtually on the waterfront. Cross the road and walk across an immaculately-kept reserve and I'm there. There's a lovely cooling breeze coming off the water, and without that the temperatures would be difficult to manage. I reckon humidity would be a real problem here in the wet season though.

There's a real sense of isolation, even after only a couple of days, due to the fact that it is miles to anywhere else. Adelaide in South Australia is the nearest capital city at a mere 3040km away, while my home in Brisbane is 3415km by road. Alice Springs is just under 1500km south but it's still hardly a Sunday drive.

Anyway, out and about shortly so I should post this and get offline.
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