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Popping back in

A week has gone by since my last post - it seems nothing ever happens during the week, everything happens on the weekend.

Friday night was brilliant, going out with my son for a belated Mothers Day. I had no idea where we were going; all I knew was that he was picking me up and I was to "wear something nice". My assumption that we were going for dinner was disproved when he and Jess turned up with dinner in hand; once we'd eaten I was hustled into the car and we headed into the city - for this! Avenue Q at the Brisbane Arts Theatre. What a great show! Laughed myself silly.

Yesterday I bought three doors. Well, ordered them at least. My house is kinda weird and none of the doors are standard sizes so they have to be specially made - a new front door, back door and downstairs door. They'll be ready in about a fortnight. Purchase price includes hanging and locks etc, with the deadlocks keyed alike which will be handy.

Today was the V8s from Townsville, and a bit of shopping prior to the telecast starting. Just picked up a few things for the house including paint for my existing front screen door and new insect mesh for it. That's a job for next weekend now.
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