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Basic Home Maintenance 101

Today's lesson, boys and girls, is that nothing is ever as straightforward as you imagine it will be. Let's look at my front screen door; with the installation of new doors imminent I thought it was time to replace the fly wire, and to take the opportunity to scrub down and repaint the scrollwork before putting the new wire in. As soon as I took off the old wire, though, the bottom rail section of the door fell off. The triangular plastic pieces inside the rail that hold it onto the rest of the door are crumbled and have broken around the rivets, so it looks like I'll need to get a proper repair job done.

So then on to the next job. The wrought iron front deck railings badly need repainting, but first I had to remove the vine that has grown up and through the railings. Trouble is, when I cut it back I discovered that the previous owners had painted around the vine when they last painted the deck and posts, so now I'll need to repaint. And you can bet that I won't be able to match the paint exactly, and have to do the whole front.

On the plus side I was able to replace the downstairs screen door handle with a handle and lock assembly that actually works. Bodie won't be best-pleased; when he's downstairs he enjoys opening the door and letting himself out but now I can clip it so that he can't operate the handle. Also scrubbed down my wrought iron table and chairs that I've had since my 21st birthday, preparatory to repainting them, so the weekend wasn't a total waste.

I'm quite convinced that my house was owner-built as no measurements anywhere seem to be standard. My doors both inside and out are all (different!) non-standard sizes; the spans between the front posts are all different lengths, and a host of other little things make me think that someone who didn't really know what he was doing put this house together. Adds to the charm, I guess, but it means most things I want for the place need to be specially made.
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