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Getting into the Olympic spirit.

So who else is watching the Olympics? I've caught bits and pieces where I can; wasn't up early enough for the opening ceremony which I regret, as the bits I saw on the news looked fantastic. I love the hockey, plus the equestrian events and the gymnastics. It's funny, but when it's the Olympics I'll watch sports that I wouldn't give a second glance at any other time. Sitting here on the lounge now with my laptop open on my lap, watching the rowing. Probably the only sport I wouldn't watch would be boxing.

I've even downloaded a little app to my phone that has a timetable of all events, and allows me to set alerts for the things I don't want to miss. It also gives me all the medal results, plus details of the athletes competing. Pretty impressive.

I feel a bit sorry for my son's girlfriend. She's a Kiwi, and she's desperately interested in seeing her countrymen compete, especially as there are two competitors from her home town, but being in Oz the telecast is skewed towards our athletes. Still, she got to watch the New Zealand women's hockey team beat the Aussie women last night, she was pretty happy about that!
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