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In Which We Extoll The Virtues of Zines

Two zines which I ordered from the USA have just recently arrived. *happy dance* . And I asked myself why, in this age of instant net gratification, and the sheer mind-boggling amount of fic now available on the net, do I still get so excited about zines? Or even buy them? I think the answer stems from the earliest days of my involvement in organised fandom. Back when there was no internet, and zines were the only medium available to read fanfic, or to submit stories to. It was so exciting, waiting months for the next zine to be published! Seeing your work finally in print, then wondering if you'd ever receive a kind LOC. Or any LOC at all.
It brings my mind back to the very first time I read a slash story - and it was a classic K/S . I couldn't believe what I was reading. No way. Not Kirk. Not Spock, for gods sake! I kept shaking my head in disbelief as I read the story, and at its conclusion, all I could think was that some people had very disturbed minds.
Now of course I write slash. But funnily enough, I still can't stomach K/S. Just can't see it.
But I digress. I think that for me, zines still have a certain cachet due to my earliest happy zine experiences being imprinted on my brain.
I also think I waxed eloquent on this subject once before. Never mind, it's worth repeating.

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