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Memy memy meme.

Ganked from draycevixen, one of those long, convoluted memes that saves me having to think of anything to post....*g*

1. What kind of soap is in your bath right now?

Natural vegetable soap with patchouli frangrance from Magic Essence. Triple-milled, a tiny touch of luxury.

2. Do you have any watermelon in your refrigerator?

Not a real fan of watermelon.

3. Is there anything moldy in your refrigerator?

Um... possibly? I don't look into the farthest reaches too often.

What happened to #4?

Not sure, it's probably moulding away in my fridge.

5. What would you change about your living room?

I'd make it a tad larger if I could. My sofas fit, but only just, and I'd love a larger sofa.

6. Are the dishes in your dishwasher clean or dirty?

Dirty. It takes days for me to fill it and I won't run it through half-empty.

7. Do you have a can of mushrooms in your pantry?

Possibly. A little can of mushrooms in butter sauce which is yummy on toast for lunch on a cold winter Sunday.

8. White or wheat/brown bread?

Oh brown, can't stand white bread. Abbey Lane's Harvest Seeds and Grain.

9. What is on top of your refrigerator?

Whew. Cat treats. Ant poison out of reach of inquisitive paws). The instructions for my air conditioner. A gravy jug shaped like a moose, with business cards in it.

10. What colour is your couch?


11. What colour or design is on your shower curtain?

White, with rhinestones scattered across it. The design is called "Bling", from Freedom Furniture.

12. How many plants are in your home?

Two, both of which were gifts from happy customers, and are tucked up out of harm's (cat's) way on a high shelf in the bathroom.

13. How many candles are in your home?

Not really sure. Three on the coffee table, four on the kitchen bench, and a number tucked inside the cupboard.

14. Is your bed made right now?

Yep. First thing I do every morning.

15. If you have a coffee pot, what color is it?

Ooh, it's really 70s - as you'd expect, being a wedding present in 1978 - orange with a brown base.

16. Electric or standard can opener?

Standard, from Ikea. Most cans come with ring-pulls now, though, so it doesn't get much of a workout.

17. Comet or Soft Scrub?

Some sort of cleaning product but I'm not familiar with the names?

18. Is your closet organized?

Actually, yes! Only because I did it not long ago.

19. What color is the flashlight that you use the most?

It's a little blue LED light, one of those beams that you can focus down to a pinpoint. If I stand at my back door I can see into the park behind my house with it, if need be. Brilliant little thing.

20. What kinds of things are in your junk drawer?

Batteries, old sunglasses cases, about 20 keys that came with the house and I've no idea what they're for, birthday cards from acquaintances, small tube of glue, chargers for my mobile phone / work mobile / camera / ipod / Zen, a couple of garbage bags... think that's about it.

21. Do you drink out of glass or plastic most of the time at home?

Glass at home.

22. Do you have iced tea made in a pitcher right now?

No... but I do have a couple of sachets of instant iced tea in the cupboard somewhere.

23. If you have a garage, is it cluttered?

I have a carport, and all it contains is a couple of pot plants. And a car.

24. Curtains or blinds?

Both. Curtains and blinds in the bedrooms, just blinds in the lounge, kitchen and dining. I do have curtains to put up in the lounge but have a strange reluctance to actually hang them. Gone off them a bit already, I have.

25. How many pillows do you sleep with?

Four - two on each side of the bed.

26. Do you sleep with any lights on at night?

No, I need the dark.

27. How many ceiling fans are in your home?

Just one, in my bedroom.

28. How often do you vacuum?

Um... maybe once in a blue moon, if my cleaning lady hasn't been and I'm expecting visitors (see #56)

30. What colour is your toothbrush?

Lime green. I'll miss it when it's gone.

31. Do you have a welcome mat on your front porch?

Not at present - front decking has just been replaced and until I've stained it there will be nothing on the front porch at all.

32. What is in your oven right now?

It's empty and cold. Haven't used it since Friday night.

33. Is your microwave clean or dirty?

Clean but it doesn't look it. All of the paint on the inside ceiling has been flaking off for years, it looks like it has leprosy. I need to cover anything I cook in it to keep paint flakes out. Probably should replace it but it's still working.

34. Is there anything under your bed?

My bed is on a plinth, not really possible to put anything under it.

35. Chore you hate doing the most?

Mowing the lawn! See #38.

36. What retro items are in your home?

Have you seen those pictures that are currently popular on facebook, asking if you remember certain items? Well, most of those are here... apple green Tupperware, for instance; I have a full set. Wooden salad bowls. A lot of my china - I still have a complete dinner set that I bought for my glory box in the mid-'70s. Strange to think that it qualifies as "retro" now.
One thing I have that goes back beyond retro is a tea set - cups, saucers and side plates - that belonged to my grandmother. It's white, with scattered green stars painted on it. Very cool indeed.
Oh, and my desk! The very desk I'm seated at right now! It's a sixties design; I found it in a second hand shop in 1983 and paid the princely sum of $20 for it. It's still solid as a rock, I love it.

37. Do you have a separate room that you use as an office?

Oh yes. It's also my fandom space.

38. If you have a garden, who mows it?

Barry next door *g* . He's retired, and very house-proud, and loves mucking about in gardens. He keeps my yard mowed (it's an 850 sq metre block), does the edges, and generally keeps it looking nice. I pay him just to mow but he goes a bit above and beyond.

39. Is there anything on your kitchen floor right now?

A rag rug.

40. How many mirrors are in your home?

My wardrobe doors are mirrored, as is the linen closet door and the spare bedroom wardrobe, plus there are three mirrors above my dressing table and another three on the loungeroom wall, and two in the downstairs bathroom... god I sound like some kind of narcissist, don't I? *g* I just like mirrors, and the way they distribute light around.

41. Do you have any hidden emergency money around your home?

No, I use cards for just about everything.

42. What colour are your walls?

The predominant colour is a light cream but the loungeroom has one pale green wall; bathroom and toilet are both a buzzy sort of green, while one wall in my bedroom is a mid-blue. Spare bedroom is a pinky-apricoty colour that was done before I bought the house, and downstairs has a hideous babyshit-brown wall that I must get around to repainting one day....

43. Which rooms in your house have wallpaper?

None. House is too small to get away with the fussiness of wallpaper.

44. Do you have a peephole in your front door?

No, but it's right next to the front window and anyone approaching the door is clearly visible.

45. Do you keep any kind of protection weapons in your home?

Does a hockey stick count?

46. What does your home smell like right now?

Right now it smells like the lavender candle that I lit earlier.

47. Favourite candle scent?

Heh. See above. Plus sandalwood, another favourite.

48. What kind of pickles (if any) are in your refrigerator right now?

Mustard pickles, the ones that go superbly with ham.

49. Who are in the pictures you displayed?

Predominantly my son. There's a gorgeous one of him as a 2 year old in the loungeroom, alongside one taken when he was 20. And in the hall outside the bathroom there's a row of his school photos.
A couple of my sister's family in my bedroom as well.
All my fannish photos are in my office; Sherlock and John, Starsky and Hutch, Illya and Napoleon.

50. What colour is your favourite bible?

I actually have four bibles; I guess my favourite is my white one. I don't have any religious attachment to them though. They're just books. Like reading Beowulf, or Great Expectations.

51. Do you have plenty of cabinet space in your kitchen?

Not as much as I'd like.

52. Ever been on your roof?

Nooooo... not a fan of heights. I do believe I have a solar array but haven't clapped eyes on it myself.

53. Do you own a stereo?

Well - a separate music system, does that count? CD, cassette and radio. No turntable, which is something I miss.

54. How many TVs do you have?

Just the one, a dirty big CRT tv in the loungeroom. And sometimes I even turn it on *g*.

55. How many house phones?

Two - my cordless phones that I bought when I moved here. Oh I lie, there's a third, a wall phone, but it's not actually plugged in so I don't count it.

56. Do you have a housekeeper?

Oh yes. The house doesn't get that dirty, and I keep the kitchen presentable, but I detest giving up my precious weekends slaving over housework. My housekeeper is supposed to come fortnightly but she's a bit erratic; I just leave her money on the fridge and she gets here when she gets here.

57. What style do you decorate in?

It's pretty eclectic really. If anything, a bit nostalgic/retro with some pretty homey stuff like crocheted rugs on my sofas (hand-made for my birthday by a dear friend). Bedroom is kinda shabby chic, done before it became a cliche. And a hand-knotted Persian rug under the dining-table, one of my favourite possessions.

58. Do you like solid colours in furniture or prints?

Solid, although I'm not averse to those flocked-velvet lounges that have a relief pattern on them. They'd probably be too busy for my little loungeroom though.

59. Is there a smoke detector in your home?

No, and by law there should be, so I should really remedy that.

60. In case of fire, what are the items you would grab if you only could make one quick trip?

My cats. No question. Followed by my laptop if I could still grab it.

61. Do you know how to work your electrical box?

Not with any certainty but I can find the main switch. Since the solar array was installed it's all changed.

62. What temperature in your home is most comfortable to you?

About 24 degrees. Not too cool, not too warm. (that's about 75 degrees for those of you in the northern hemisphere).
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