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Deck is done!

Well, as done as it can be before I paint it. Electrician comes this week to hook up the lights for it also.

Took this one prior to work starting. Poor house, it looks so bare at the back.

Back pre deck (480 x 360)

One week in and the bare bones of the deck are in place:

back one week in (480 x 360)

After two weeks, with no railings yet:

Back two weeks in (480 x 360)

Completion! All but the painting now; handrails and posts to be painted still, followed by the staining of the floor.

back finished (480 x 360)

Just in time for summer! I'm that pleased with it. I've been meaning to do this ever since I bought the place - eight years ago.

On the list of things to do - repaint the bottom half of the house to match the railings. I've cashed in a heap of credit card rewards points to buy a paint sprayer which should make the job a lot easier.
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