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Last business day of the quarter / financial year today and was absolutely flat out. A good thing, I suppose, as it's building my pipeline for next year. Started out with my annual performance review; it's a bit of a worry when an hour later I couldn't remember the rating I'd received. It wasn't until I was heading home on the bus tonight that I remembered. I probably should be more worried about that than I am....

Ziggy has been so calm over the last 24 hours, he's become a Stepford cat. They're some good drugs he's on.

And the door saga continues. Prior to payment - yeah no worries with a Saturday installation. As soon as they've taken my money - well you'll have to wait until we have someone who wants to do a Saturday shift. So, wait from 9th July to 1st September - and they bring the wrong front door. Don't want to wait another two months so arrange a day off work last Friday - they don't come at all. Ring to find out what's up and they arrange to come on the Saturday 29th - "first thing in the morning so you can get on with your long weekend". Get home tonight to find a message saying they should be able to be here by mid afternoon.
Screw that. I want my money back.

On the other hand - yay long weekend! *\o/*
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