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Less than a week until the biggest event on the Australian motorsport calendar, and with impeccable timing my son last night gave me a fantastic book about Peter Brock. It has replicas of all kinds of memorabilia in it - but there's one thing included for which I already have an original. In 1981 the Bathurst Chamber of Commerce and Industry minted a medallion to commemorate the proclamation of Bathurst, and it featured the winners of the 1980 James Hardie 1000 - Peter Brock and Jim Richards. I still have mine, inside its protective plastic sleeve and mounted on the original display card; it's a treasure I'll not part with.

Book here: Peter Brock, by Beverley Brock
Tags: bathurst, books, gifts, it's-not-my-birthday, motor racing, peter brock, the way we were, v8 supercars

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