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She was born with a paintbrush in her hand

I feel like I've been painting my house forever. I only have the weekends, and I still have other stuff to do - meetings, grocery shopping - so it's taking a lot longer than I'd hoped. It took two weekends to paint my new doors, another two to fix up and repaint the wrought iron across the front, two more to repaint the metal poles and the fascia, another one to paint the timber poles out the front... this weekend was spent painting the handrails and top rails of the rear deck. In 32 degree heat. I started early today as I wanted to watch the V8 Supercars telecast and was back inside by 1.30, but as soon as the race was over I picked up the paintbrush yet again.

So. Next weekend I'll do the second coat on the door surrounds, and am really hoping to get a start on staining the deck. That's going to be a mammoth job; not just the deck itself but the stairs which will also need doing. And when it's done I can start on the front deck.That only leaves both the outdoor settings and some metal chairs. Followed by the actual downstairs exterior... buying a spray gun for that one. I never imagined I'd be trading in credit card reward points for hardware store gift vouchers!
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