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I am officially a Good Person

A person of Good Character, even! (see, I still know how to hide the bodies!) My official certificate confirming my registration as a Commissioner for Declarations arrived today, after a four-month process of attending courses, sending off docs, a police check, obtaining references etc.... it's taken a while but it's worth it. I'm now able to witness my customers' signatures on mortgage docs etc, thereby ensuring no more problems in that regard.

Of course it means I need to keep my nose clean from now on; I can't even get a jaywalking ticket without jeopardising my status. Sooo worth it, though, as it's going to make things so much easier.

Bit worried about an email I received tonight, allegedly from facebook, telling me that someone had logged into my account from a device which I don't normally use. I didn't click on any links in the email - binned it straight away - but when I later went to facebook I had to log in again and then was given the same information, this time with a map - it was someone allegedly in an eastern state of the USA. Anyway, when I clicked to say it wasn't me I was prompted to change my password, which I did. And I have changed it again since, just in case. I don't store any really personal data there, even my birthday there is fake, but it worries me just the same.

And heading into a long weekend, too. I have so much annual leave accrued that my boss has been nagging me to take some, so I negotiated to have the first Friday of every month off, except for January, May and October when we already have a public holiday at the beginning of the month. She was hoping I'd take one day per fortnight but that could seriously impact my ability to write target so we left that alone.
So nice to chill, kick back with a wine or three, knowing there's no rush tomorrow. Oh wait, it's going to be 29 degrees and I need to get the first coat of stain down on the back deck before midday....
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