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Early Chrissy present to myself.

Splurged today and bought myself a Nespresso machine. These little machines have been tempting me for a while, and seeing as how I work almost directly opposite a Nespresso store it was in my face all the time. I never wanted a big fussy one that uses ground coffee, knowing that if it was fiddly to use or clean I'd probably not use it much at all, but the little pod machines are perfect in that there's bugger-all cleaning to do. (Why yes, I AM lazy; how can you tell? *g*)
This is the machine I bought:

coffee machine

Isn't it a cutie?! My only complaint (if you could call it that) is that the cup sizes are tiny; I need to run two pods through to get a decent-sized cup.

My sister is flying up tomorrow so I probably won't be around much over the next few days. Make sure you all have a great weekend, yeah?
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