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Back to reality.

Not even heavy rain could put a damper on my weekend. My sister's flight arrived at 9.30pm Friday night, just on an hour late - I'd been tracking its journey up the coast via Flightradar on my phone, and got a bit of a fright when her plane suddenly turned right at Tweed Heads, did a 180 degree turn and started heading back to Sydney. Seems the flight was put into a holding pattern while waiting for a clear slot for landing.

Saturday was wet, wet, wet. After not-very-much sleep we dragged ourselves down to Harbourtown, about 45km away, for some outlet-store shopping. Much excitement when I found the coffee mugs to match my dinner set - the pattern had been discontinued not long after I bought it, and I'd almost given up on finding all the accessories I wanted for it. The Royal Doulton shop also had the teapot, sugar bowl, creamer, and gravy boat - all earmarked for the next trip.

Very footsore and weary by the time I got home, but didn't get a chance to rest - had to feed cats, get cleaned up and changed then over to a Thai restaurant for a 7pm reservation where we were joined by son and girlfriend. Had a lovely night, too.

Yesterday was more shopping, this time at a large furniture complex which included Ikea where we had lunch. Tiredness was setting in, though, and at one point we curled up on a lounge in one store and spent nearly half an hour just chatting while we rested. Very comfy lounge, I have to say! Once back home we spent some time planning our next overseas trip, and before we knew it it was time to collect her bags and head back to the airport :-( .

So that was the weekend. Back to work today, and it's as if the weekend never was.
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