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More wild weather, and some pics from yesterday.

Forecast for today was storms, storms and more storms so I didn't bother setting the alarm for this morning, as I couldn't get any painting etc done in the wet. What finally woke me was the text alert on my mobile; I still stayed in bed for another thirty delicious minutes, sleepily speculating on the nature of the message. Was it my son, suggesting an activity today? My sister, ringing to see if I got through the storms okay? A friend wanting to go somewhere / do something interesting?
Or none of the above. Bloody scam text advising me that my mobile number had won some prize. Damn it. I woke up for that?!

Anyway. The only damage I've sustained so far (if you could call it that) is my cable broadband and home phone have been knocked out. I tried reporting it but the wait, according to the recorded message, was over 30 minutes so I let it go for now. Meanwhile I've dug out my mobile broadband so at least I can get online. It's mid-afternoon, really sultry, with intermittent heavy rain and sunshine so far; there's been a few warnings for severe thunderstorms but they seem to be swinging around here. Still, the sky looks that peculiar shade of greenish-grey that usually means hail so I'll leave doing my grocery shopping until after the V8 telecast finishes.

Meanwhile, while I was waiting for the V8s to start I downloaded a couple of photos of yesterday's show from my phone.

A Ragdoll doing what Ragdolls do....


This was a major source of fascination; club president has made up these wheels for her cats' exercise, and her semi longhair companion cat D'Artagnon was only too willing to show it off.


Dart was having a ball with this. It's lined with carpet and swung freely. Cost $300 for a wheel that size.


The cat that went on to ultimately take Supreme Exhibit - Shawtop Oh Me Oh My with judge Ray Clark:


But there were no surprises as to my favourite cat; I'll always adore a good seal point Birman girlie:

Nicsha JustaDoll with judge Denise Figg.
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