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Christmas came early.

Son and his girlfriend are flying out of the country within the week and won't be back until after Christmas so we had an early celebration yesterday. It was a brilliant day, the most relaxing day I've had in ages. Just lazed around, eating and drinking - J's partner works in hospitality and always prepares interesting food, like bell pepper cous cous to go with the turkey, and grilled prawn skewers as appetisers, along with crusty french bread topped with salmon and cream cheese. Dessert was a home-baked cheesecake that had a light creamy texture and was just delicious.

Dinner last night was leftovers, bikkies and dip, while watching the 20/20 Big Bash - Brisbane Heat playing Tasmania Hurricanes. We were beaten :-(

But look at this - amongst my gifts were the teapot, creamer and sugar bowl that match my dinner set:


Also a new charm for my Pandora bracelet (lacking a thumbnail at present I'm not game to wear it until I buy a special opener for it) and a micro-block (tiny miniature lego) Big Ben / Houses of Parliament that I need to assemble. I can barely see some of the pieces, they're so small! Will be fun.
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