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16 December 2012 @ 09:08 pm
In case anyone else is looking for it ... another LJ change.  
(Found on nycshelly's LJ -)
If you're looking to edit or upload userpics, the option to do so is no longer in the drop-down menu on the main LJ page. Now you need to go to that page and click on your default icon; at that point the userpic page opens in a new window, with a link to the old edit / upload page at the top.

ETA: it's back - LJ must have been fiddling with settings because the Manage Userpics option is back this morning in the Profile dropdown box where it's always been. False alarm folks!
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byslantedlight: Doyle FallenAngelFaceClose (EmptyMirrorsbyslantedlight on December 16th, 2012 01:26 pm (UTC)
Hmmn - my access still seems to be in the same place from my user info page... Mind you, I always think of my friendslist page as my main lj page too... *g*
miwahni: MFU  Fascinatingmiwahni on December 16th, 2012 08:35 pm (UTC)
... and today it's back! LJ must have been working on their settings, because yesterday I could only access my icon page by the means described above. I've just gone to check, though, and now the option Manage Userpics is once more in the Profile drop-down menu. Strange.