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Give a Gnome a Better Home!

God bless the Commonwealth Bank, diagonally opposite my office. They were giving away garden gnomes free to random strangers on Monday; the idea being that you were to take your gnome home, then send a photo of him in his new home into the Bank. Five best entries will win a $1000 Myer gift voucher.

I managed to acquire one of these little guys; as luck would have it I was walking past just as they were finishing and I was given the last one. Rather than taking him home, though, I've propped him up in my office where I must say he's looking rather at home.

Here is Julian Anthergnome,with his new "Happy" family! (Happy Dragon is the emblem of St.George Bank, although I daresay he wasn't too happy once St.George had finished with him).

Tags: city, gifts, made me laugh, random, work

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