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One Perfect Day

I wish. Tonight, on my way home, it took me eight minutes to travel from the carpark at work to the church at Graceville. This morning, heading in the opposite direction, it took one hour ten minutes to cover the same stretch of road. The traffic has been steadily building up over the past few weeks but that was just bloody ridiculous. Twice this week I've been late to work because of that piece of road.
Tomorrow I'll have some respite from the traffic, as I'm catching the train into the city. I'll working in our Acceptance department - they're the guys who approve the loans which are outside the branch-based lenders' discretionary authority. It should be a good learning curve for me and I'm looking forward to it immensely.
Thunderstorm tonight. Even the weather is complaining about the voting trend in the USA.
I've been looking at a lovely little laptop from Dell, but I have to ask myself whether I want to spend $1400 on something that will basically only be used as a mobile word processor. But oh, the fun of it!

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